Emma Support


How do I reset my password?A password reset can be requested via the Forgot Password link in the Emma login dialog.
Why have I not received any email verification email?
  • Please check your trash/junk/filter mail folders
  • Please contact your IT support
  • Please reach out to your Sony contact
Why is the email verification link not working?The link is only valid for 24 hours. If the link has expired you can reqest a new one via the Forgot Password link in the Emma login dialog. If still not working please reach out to your Sony contact.

How to get help

Service Center, CS Users

For Emma (including dongle) support please refer to your:
  • local Repair management interface
  • or CU CS contact person

Market Unit users

For Emma account support, please refer to your local MU User administrator

Internal Sony Users

For internal Emma account, SW preparation and release support, please contact mail DL: SLM-EMMA-ADMINISTRATION


For other tool & system related support, please contact Global helpdesk


To help us help you, please include the following in your error report:
  • Your Emma user name
  • Which version of Emma you are using
  • A step-by-step instruction to recreate your problem
  • Emma log file, if possible.