Operating Systems

The following operating systems are supported by Emma:

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Windows 11 64-bit

Other Hardware

Required hardware for using Emma:

  • One or more of the following connectors/cables: USB (Micro USB Cable, USB-C Cable).
  • A YubiKey security dongle is required to run some Emma services, such as Activation and Multiple Lock Reset. Emma supports all YubiKeys with OTP (One-Time Password) support.
  • NOTE!
    We recommend that the USB cables are connected directly to the PC USB sockets when possible.
    The speed during service executions depends on factors like USB version on hub, cable, host controller, device etc. For optimal performance please use high quality cables and hubs of higher versions. The lowest version on any involved component decides the flash speed.

Parallel Flashing Recommendations

You can flash up to eight devices at the same time depending on hardware.

Network Requirements

Local firewall(s) must allow all traffic to the below domains:

  • port 443
  • port 443
  • port 443
  • CRL (Certificate Revocation List) distribution points:
    • port 80
    • port 80